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Top 5 Architectural Trends

2022 Architectural Trends, reflecting the world we live in.


In the post pandemic whirlwind there is a clear desire for design to be accessible and practical. Minimising distractions and placing individuals in inspiring environments with a distinction between living, learning and working.


Buildings have progressively been designed to optimise their natural environment. Now has come the time to enrich the world we inhabit and make conscious decisions from material choices to the operational mechanics of each design.


AI is integrated into all aspects of our lives, smart technology within the home and office initially provided an ease to life, but has since developed the great ability to control energy usage and provide security across all forms of infrastructure.


As energy prices soar sustainable solutions need to reflect both an environmental and economic gain. Clients are taking advantage of government incentives and making business minded decisions which will provide a return on investment in the future.


With material prices and interest rates on the rise clients are taking the initiative to explore build options earlier than intended, a push to secure planning reflects the desire for clients to get their project into motion.

Chapman Partnership Architects are here to support clients as they react responsibly to the ever changing environment.


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