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A Word for the Coffee Table Book

A good coffee table book needs some key attributes to make a great centre piece; it has to have a suitably chunky & eye-catching format, it has to have glossy pages adorned with exquisite photography & it absolutely has to say something about the owner’s enthusiasm for a specific subject. We’ve found one that meets these standards…Ultimate Collector Motorcycles has been released as a first edition by Taschen.

Authors Peter & Charlotte Fiell have curated 940 pages weighing in at 9.40kg to showcase 100 of the most collectable motorcycles in the world. From the earliest examples to cherished race bikes & design icons, each one has been photographed in fastidious detail to display the intrinsic beauty of these machines. As featured in Dezeen Magazine linked below, icons like TE Lawrence’s Brough Superior, John Surtees’ championship winning MV Augusta & the ground-breaking Britten V1000 feature in the author’s top 7 most important models.

Taschen is a legendary publishing house who, in their own words, began work as ‘cultural archaeologists’ in 1980. Since then, they have become synonymous with producing inspirational & quality titles with a primary focus on art, design & culture. As architects we own a-number-of Taschen books on the titans of our industry including, Tadao Ando, Renzo Piano & Santiago Calatrava to name a few. Peter & Charlotte Fiell have authored over 60 titles ranging across architecture, interior design, furniture & the precursor to this title - Ultimate Collector Cars.

Although it can prove necessary to specialise in a chosen discipline, design can really be understood as a universal language. Remarkable architecture, stunning cars & magnificent motorcycles are viewed by many eyes & can all be appreciated in relative terms. On breaks from designing the coffee table book gets picked up – let us know what your favourite examples are.

Dezeen Magazine Article


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