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PRESS RELEASE: Chapman Partnership Architects Illuminate Prestigious Thames Side Apartment Complex.

London, UK, 23rd November 2022: Chapman Partnership Architects have recently completed a Porters Lodge and Gated Entrance for the Prices Court apartment complex in Battersea. The building takes influence from the area’s candle making heritage to provide a safe and secure entrance which rejoices in the everyday interactions of it’s community.

The new Porters Lodge was purposefully located at the north side of the front boundary creating visibility for occupants looking out and prominence when approached from the public domain. Designing a new entrance provided the opportunity to reorganise the sole vehicle gate and main pedestrian access point.

The finished scheme replaced two small units which were the original bin stores and had been refitted into a small office housing the porter. Prices Court board of directors were involved from start to finish, eager to ensure the upgrade to the Porters Lodge and Gated Entrance hit all the marks for the residents of the 130 apartments.

Commenting on the design process, Zac Chapman, Chapman Partnership Architect’s Director, said:

“When designing this building we leveraged the opportunity to provide a canvas for the little moments of interaction that get lost in everyday life. Now the Porters Lodge isn’t only a functional space, but the backdrop to a chat, a passing hello or a wave from the car.”

The internal space covers 50m2 giving the porter a prominent position surrounded by a terrazzo backdrop and glazed window finish. The backroom allows the day-to-day organisation, storing deliveries, dry cleaning and keys with adjustable ply shelving, a kitchenette and staff bathroom. The roof extends to cover the rear veranda, steps, pedestrian gate and ramp, encompassing a larger footprint into a single mass under one canopy.

It was important to keep the material palette simple and elegant. A roman format brick different in size but similar in colour and texture to the Prices Court apartments was chosen as a subtle enhancement whilst being firmly interrelated and connected. Window format and proportions were designed for maximum visibility and transparency. The architectural metalwork was kept purposefully simple. The vehicle gates maintains the same height as the glazed openings to create continuity across the entranceway.

Perforated brick panels provide a secure boundary with a degree of visibility. These also offer a textured light to spill out during dusk hours. In combination with the light from the glazed sections, this illuminates the apartment complex amongst the multistorey towers that have recently been built in the vicinity.

Commenting on the finished project, Zair Berry, Prices Court Board Director, said:

“The new entrance has re-established Prices Court on the rapidly changing streetscape. The design is purposefully modest with twists that act as a beacon for the apartment complex. The result is a special building that stands out without the need to shout.”

The project originally commenced with Equals Architecture who rebranded as Chapman Partnership Architects during the construction phase. Chapman Partnership Architects continue to design experiential buildings for the automotive, hospitality and events sectors whilst delivering bespoke projects which benefit from their expertise.


About Chapman Partnership Architects

Chapman Partnership Architects specialise in experiential design of buildings for the automotive sector and motorsport enthusiasts. The family practice was formed in the 1970’s and is now headed up by the third generation of Architects. In 2021 the ‘Next Generation’ was launched, fusing 50 years of Architecture with a love of motorsport. Within the practice experience in the automotive, motorsport and events is evident, and having delivered a number of architectural projects specific to these sectors the team continue to carve their niche.

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