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Press Release: Automotive Venue Drives Client & Practice Into New Era.

Chapman Partnership Architects created a multifunctional venue for Thruxton Race Circuit. Delivered onsite in 2018, the Thruxton Hospitality Centre is now synonymous with this iconic track. The striking venue has created a name for itself across the automotive event industry and unlocked the practice’s niche.

As part of the circuit’s modernisation programme a state-of-the-art venue was required. Functional to facilitate a range of automotive events whilst being an aesthetically unique asset. Chapman Partnership intrinsically combined architectural, recreational and automotive expertise.

The internal spatial arrangement focussed on the building’s primary use; track days, race meetings and manufacturer events. Testing a sequence of delegate experiences achieved the optimal flow through the venue. Retractable partitions in the main hospitality suite facilitated the flexibility needed to accommodate a range of capacities. As well as being practical, the arrangement astutely optimised the venue’s location within the heart of the circuit. Viewing terraces from the hospitality suites provide unparalleled vistas of the track whilst the double height open reception showcases the paddock activity.

The venue holds its own presence. Designed to reflect the action on track the external features grasp spectators’ attention. The building’s form echoes the fast-sweeping nature of its track side corner location. Cantilevered roof canopies further extend this sentiment by mirroring the dramatic highs and lows of motorsport.

Throughout every element of the building motorsport is evident. Details resolutely celebrate tectonics, connections and materials. An exposed internal roof structure accentuates the building’s race car inspired aerodynamic form. The foyer extends the paddock inside by presenting an opportunity for dynamic displays to be hung at the centre of the spiral staircase. Whilst the steel frame provides the necessary reinforcement to showcase vehicles on the terrace.

The technical performance of cladding, insulation and glazing were selected in combination with a complete approach to heating, cooling and ventilation through renewable sources. The result is a building which supports an industry with an ever-increasing drive for energy efficiency.

On opening, the venue received high praise from the client and has continued to increase the circuit's popularity to this day:

“This fabulous new hospitality building is what Thruxton has really needed, and now it’s here, I’m sure the venue is going to go from strength-to-strength.”

Bill Coombs, Former Thruxton Group Managing Director

Chapman Partnership’s personal enthusiasm and direct involvement with motorsport has become their inside line. Three years on, the team have secured an international motorsport venue and is driving the business into a new era. For more information visit


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