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We guide our clients through the key design phases in line with the RIBA work stages.

Our approach is simple, personal and effective.

Chapman Partnership: Car Collectors Swedish Home

Let’s create a vision.


Capturing your aspirations, understanding your business case and setting expectations is essential to realising the full potential of your project. 


All sites are unique and our team work with you to detail the key components which create the overarching vision throughout the design process.

Chapman Partnership Architects, Automotive, Motorsport, Architects 



Let's explore the dynamics.


To bring your vision to life we sketch, we make models and we create digital representations. Together we play with a variety of strategies, exploring; scale and mass, materiality and sustainability, aesthetic and function. 


With a holistic view our team evolves the design to optimise the entire site and work in synergy with the local environment. 



Let’s make it reality.


Watching a built form emerge on site is an exciting process. We relish in the opportunity to be involved during construction and take pride in delivering your bespoke build.


Our expertise can dynamically administer the building contract, review project progress and answer design queries. 

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