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The Sustainable Future

Like all industries, step by step we are becoming increasingly conscious of our environmental impact. The practice of sustainable architecture is changing and the next opportunity cannot be wasted.

The construction industry is currently responsible for two thirds of all UK waste. Fuelled by our desire to own a blank canvas and supported by government incentives. Whilst there will continue to be a need for new builds, majoring on the utilisation of existing resources is at the heart of a sustainable future.

Working with our clients we review the site as a whole and seek to optimise redundant facilities as part of the overall solution. Reusing existing footprints, reducing the use of new material and recycling a building's purpose.

Architects’ Journal RetroFirst champions this movement and is calling for a reduction in VAT on refurbishments, repair and maintenance in line with those offered on new builds. Combining such incentives with the promotion of environmental gains will be crucial for a change in mindset across the board.


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