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The Car Cult

Returning to the stage, Goodwood Festival of Speed. Known as the world’s greatest celebration of motorsport and car culture it offers so much more than simply the next supercar. From the hillclimb through to the sculpture, the celebrities through to the rally stage and ear tingling combustion engines through to silent EVs - the diverse range of activities reflects the true and varied interests of the many attendees.

The motorsport enthusiast is broad. Whilst fans marvel in the spectacle of race cars going up the famous hill, the fanatics find inspiration for their own projects in the specialist stands.

Some have an inherent passion for intrinsic engineering whilst others live and breathe a brand’s lifestyle. The culture is complex.

Throughout the year, the automotive crowd flock to venues such as Caffeine&Machine, Bike Shed and many others. These places facilitate shared endeavours, overlapping interests and memories that last a lifetime. Drawing an impressive crowd, they have become destinations with a unique atmosphere.

So, is this the key? Perhaps it’s time for dealerships to adopt the car cult. Designing an immersive and interactive space to engage with existing fans as well as a new generation from all across the motor world.

A destination dealership.


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