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Pause For Perspective

Last week saw many of our connections take to social media to show their support for Mental Health Awareness Week. This got us thinking.

As Architects we take our clients' business or personal needs and translate it into a vision. We design to inspire, excite and invigorate, but there is so much more we are responsible for. The spaces we immerse ourselves in on a daily basis directly impact our mood and motivation. You could say they are our foundation.

We stood onsite last week mapping out the concept for a residential dwelling. Working with the landscape we assessed how low the design can be sunk into the ridgeway, how high the elevations can stretch to see the coast and how open the plan could be. Our homes are designed to provide protection, warmth and bring light into our lives. A necessity that is most importantly our sanctuary.

It was a candid reminder that every space has its place, and we don’t always have to live life in the fast lane.


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