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Hit The Road

The travel ‘norm’ has changed, but with the New Year comes a new sense of hope, freedom and aspiration to live in the now. Putting that motion in full swing, here is a curated list of destinations for the motor enthusiasts out there. Each location owns a unique style but all attract like-minded people who have their own stories to tell. Passion for motors come in all shapes and sizes which is reflected in these venues, some have been purposefully built to create a certain presence whilst others require no more than the existing infrastructure.


Ace Cafe | London

Arguably this is the original meet up. Ace Cafe has lived through the ages, from air raids to closure and reopening. To this day it remains true to its Northwest London roots and rock ‘n’ roll vibe. The venue mixes car, bike and music events on a weekly basis, and whist looking rugged on the outside it has passion at its core.

Caffeine & Machine | Warwickshire

Step into the sophisticated world of the car cult, this place has become the go to drive by for UK based petrolheads. The buildings are sleek, brought to life with art inside and out, but what makes this venue truly special is the energetic yard which is at the heart of all the activity.

Bike Shed | London

Putting a cosmopolitan spin on the biker stereotype, Bike Shed has it all with a tattoo parlour, hair stylist and customisation area. However, it’s the simple setting within industrial railway arches and the bikes rolling through the seating area to parking bays which create the roaring atmosphere.


Venice Hub | USA

New on the scene from Rivian, the hub hosts live events and workshops promoting a lifestyle rather than an automotive brand. The venue is purposefully configured to bring together the local community within a fresh, light and open space reflecting its inclusivity.

Daikoku Parking Area | Japan

In the car world Daikoku is an anomaly, it’s impromptu and it’s perfect. Located in a public rest area this parking lot was not built to house the car cult but it fits the bill perfectly with ongoing rows of symmetrical spaces surrounded by industrial warehouses. Drivers come and go as they please with no opening or closing hours and above all no judgement.


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